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Yuriy Artamonov

Until recently, Yuriy was actively involved in the development of the open source CUBA Platform framework, specializing in architecture and frontend technologies. He taught application development for mobile devices and UI/UX basics courses at Samara University. He currently works at JetBrains in the IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate team. In his spare time, he writes blog posts and contributes to open source projects. He loves to implement strange ideas with the slogan: "Why not?".

Buzz words collection

My collection of programmers buzz words. I think it will be useful for beginner programmers and Software Engineering students. Will be actively replenished.



  • Defensive programming
  • KISS – Keep it simple, stupid
  • DRY – Don’t repeat yourself
  • YAGNI – You Ain’t Gonna Need It
  • ACID – Atomicity Consistency Isolation Durability
  • Inversion of control
  • Uniform Access Principle
  • Law of Demeter
  • SOA – Service-oriented architecture
  • GRASP – General Responsibility Assignment Software Patterns
    • Single responsibility principle
    • Open/closed principle
    • Liskov substitution principle
    • Interface segregation principle
    • Dependency inversion principle

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Suffering Oriented Programming

Do you suffer greatly without some feature?
We will implement it!

We take into account only the great suffering