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AVR electronic hardware

Wireless Arduino thermometer with data logger

There is a bunch of stuff in my closet, so it requires only time and appropriate mood to build some hardware device. And there is a summer around and weather is rather hot, so it’s not a surprising idea to build a thermometer.
DS1820 is a great thermometer and I started with it, but I have a spare HDPM01 barometer module with built-in thermometer, so let’s use it.
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AVR electronic

Implement CPU in FPGA. Core SomeAVR on verilog

In this article I try to talk about implementation part of CPU that can execute instructons subset of original AVR core. It’s only preview and can be use for academic using only. Because most useful programm that this CPU can execute is LED blinking :-) You can view this in following video:

Here right 8 LEDs indicate value of register R20. Left 8 LEDs – value of IP(PC). read more »

AVR electronic

AT90USB647 development board

AT90USB647 development board. Overview.

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